As an astrologer, Michael practices in the true sidereal tradition, also called 13-sign, astronomically accurate, or constellational astrology. True sidereal astrology doesn't use an approximate zodiac like mainstream western, western sidereal, or vedic astrology use. It instead uses the actual constellations in the sky - the constellations that the zodiac signs take their names from - the constellations that our ideas about astrology come from. A student of the true sidereal pioneer Athen Chimenti, Michael is committed to empowering his clients, recognizing and encouraging their autonomy, and providing astrological perspective to help them make their own choices. As a dedicated spiritual practitioner, he approaches astrological consultation as an extension of his spiritual practice - always seeking to meet and exceed the ethical guidelines of the International Society for Astrological Research. 

The Millvale House - true sidereal radix

Session Types

   .: natal chart interpretation :: ~2 hours long :: $150 (flat rate) :.

This is where I recommend starting; a deep and thorough study of a map of the heavens at the moment of birth.

The relationships of planets to each other and to stars and star groups can give us valuable insights into the energies reflected in our life. We can look at how to lean into strengths, and how to counteract potential imbalances, with a focus on personal empowerment and growth.  I read dwarf planets Pluto and Eris in all charts. When they are significantly activated in a chart, I read other minor bodies such as Chiron, Lilith, Juno, Ceres, Haumea, Makemake, Sedna etc.  

In addition to the session time you will receive: your natal chart in printed and/or digital form, a copy of the recording of the session, and ongoing support via email.

You must know your date, location, and time of birth for a full reading.

   .: transits report :: 1 hour long and up :: $75/hr :.

Transit readings compare the relationship between the natal chart to the movement of the planets in the heavens. A transit reading will give you an idea of the celestial energies at play during a time period.

A graph of the transits an individual is receiving can be generated for any period of time. Often people want to see their transits for the future, or for a past date that they are still processing. Predictive analysis comes into play, but this is not a look at specifically 'what-will-happen' as much as a look at patterns and probabilities, seeing which energies are activated, and examining how they interact with us personally. A good metaphor is that its like watching a weather report so you will know how to dress. You can gain insight into the celestial energies at play in order to harmonize with the flow of life, and maximize the potential of any alignment, even challenging ones.

You must know your date, location, and time of birth for a full reading.

   .: Solar Return :: 1 hour long and up :: $75/hr :.

Looking for a birthday present for someone? Just want to know what the year ahead holds? Solar Returns have long been used as a predictive method to gain insight into these matters. I also look at the Lunar cycle that the Solar Return takes place within, examining the New Moon and Lunar Return charts to gain supporting information. The majority of this session will be spent with the Solar Return chart.

By mapping the heavens at the moment that a luminary comes back to its natal degree, we can cast a chart for the development of the individual and see which energies are activated... what is prevailing, and what is diminishing, what types of activities will activate our good fortune, and what types to be avoided.

You must know your date, location, and time of birth for a full reading.

   .: synastry & relationship report :: 1 hour long and up :: $75/hr :.

We can use astrology to examine the characteristics of relationships, seeing where its natural strengths lie, and identifying areas that need balance or support. It's like taking the astrological pulse of a relationship.

By looking at the ways charts relate to each other, we can gain information which can help us balance and harmonize within the relationship. We can become empowered to recognize the natural energies and magnetism at play, and we can correct imbalances before they cause problems, answer specific questions, and look at even challenging relationship roadblocks in a less personalized and blaming way, hopefully gaining access to a better road ahead for all parties involved.

To develop a helpful understanding of the astrological dynamics at work in any relationship, I recommend building knowledge in stages. It is best in almost every case to become familiar with the natal charts via prior natal chart sessions before moving into synastry sessions. Synastry readings will reference the natal charts and their qualities very heavily, so if a client insists on doing a synastry session without prior natal chart session, extra time must be allotted in order to become familiar with the charts before examining the synastry relationships between them. As always, installment plans and sliding scale pricing are available for anyone who needs them.

You must know the date, location, and time of birth for both charts for a full reading.

   .: astrocartography & travel report :: 1 hour long and up :: $75/hr :.

With astrocartography, relocated charts, and other travel-oriented analysis, we can gain insight into what energies may prevail in certain places here on our planet.  

Wondering if you should move? Or do you know you have to, perhaps for work, and want to get a sense of how your new location might compare to the current one energetically? Maybe you have a choice between two locations for school, and wonder which one is more connected to the energies of career and development of life path. Or, maybe you are curious if there is a lucky place for you around money or love, somewhere where the blessings would be strong. We can look at all this and more with the tools astrology offers.

   .: ask me anything :: 1 hour and up :: $75/hr :.

You can ask me anything.  Send an email to oneskyastrology@gmail.com, with your question, and I will respond by letting you know if I think I can help you.