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Connecting with your Eternal Soul and the Souls of Others to Navigate Challenging Times

Connecting with your Eternal Soul and the Souls of Others to Navigate Challenging Times :: a Workshop with Santina.


April 22, 2020

7:00pm EST

We are all spiritual beings having an experience on earth (even if we don't know it). What better day than Earth Day to remind ourselves that we are divine and are bigger than the body that carries us around on this earth. In this session, we will learn how we can connect to our eternal spirit or soul during times when we are feeling depression, stress, anxiety or other toxic or hard to overcome experiences, even grief. We can also connect our energy or life force to other souls that are here around us, those who have left the earth plane or are yet to come into this world. Eternal spirits/souls reside in a place void of time and space and they connect through love. We will cultivate an online space that radiates the love that will connect participants to these spiritual sanctuaries or safe havens and we will emerge energized and with direction on actions or behaviors we can immediately adopt into our newly connected being. Spring is a time of rebirth. It's time to redefine who we are and to hear the call to transform into resilient spiritual humans on this planet.

As the earth presents challenges for us to work with like global warming, increased natural disasters, pandemics and uncertainty in all forms, we need a reminder that we have the power to shift our behavior, our thoughts and our energy into a state of adaptation, acceptance, and finally peace to use our spiritual force to help to transform ourselves and how we face these challenges.


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