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FAQ :: How to Attend a Virtual Event at The Millvale House

How to Attend a Virtual Event at The Millvale House

Typically, all of the events we host at The Millvale House are in-person and on location. In order to adhere to the rules of quarantine during this unprecedented time of Pandemic (Covid-19), we have adapted to a new method of face-to-face communication. We realize that not everyone is going to have knowledge using these tools, so we have some simple definitions and instructions for everyone to follow to ensure a good experience.

We hope this helps...

Q - How do I find out about upcoming Virtual Events?

A - We post all of our events in several places you can check often including:

Q - How do I RSVP for a Virtual Event?

A - There are several ways to show your interest in an event, such as clicking "Going" or "Interested" on Facebook. However, there is only one way to RSVP to save yourself a seat, and that is to get a ticket.

Q - How do I Order and Pay for my Ticket?

A - All tickets for Virtual Events are managed using Eventbrite (ticketing service). For each event, there is a unique link for individual ticket purchase. You will find this link attached to the advertisement of the event itself. You have the ability to order your tickets online using digital payment (credit card, PayPal, etc.) as soon as they go on sale. You also have the ability to purchase multiple tickets if you wish to invite a friend to join.

Tip: If you order your tickets using the Eventbrite link within the Facebook Event listing, Facebook will automatically log you into Eventbrite and will send you a reminder before the event begins.

Q - What if I want to pay Cash?

A - If you prefer, you may pay cash directly to Janet at The Millvale House. Janet will record your payment manually and Carri (the Webgirl) will email you your paid ticket via Eventbrite.

Q - Do I need to print my Ticket?

A - No. It is for receipt purposes only. In fact, you will receive three emails from Eventbrite when your ticket is reserved...

  1. Order Confirmed (sent immediately upon registration)

  2. Login Information for the Event (sent 24 hours prior to event)

  3. Reminder of Event with Login Information (send 1 hour prior to event)

Tip: If you did not receive these emails, please check your Spam folder, or Promotions Tab (for gmail users).

Q - What Technology do I need to attend a Virtual Event?

A - You will need a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device with a front facing camera, a microphone and speakers or a headset.

All of the Virtual Events will be hosted using Zoom (conferencing service). It is Free to create a user account in order to join meetings. We recommend that before the event, you download the Zoom app from your device's preferred app store. If you are using a desktop computer, visit Zoom.us to download the updated version. Take the time to create your profile and get familiar with the audio and video controls.

Tip: After you install Zoom, you may receive notifications when there is a new version available. These updates are safe to accept, and will keep your program running smooth, preventing malfunction during meetings.

Q - The Event starts in 30 minutes, and I don't have any emails or login information... HELP!

A - Don't panic. Here are a few things to check...

  • How did you pay for your ticket? If you paid cash, please contact Janet or Carri and ask for your login information email to be re-sent. If you paid through Eventbrite, login to your Eventbrite account and check to make sure the ticket is purchased properly.

  • Did you check under Spam, Junk Mail, Promotions, Ads, or any other email inbox filter? Sometimes emails file to the wrong place. Use the search bar to find emails from Eventbrite.

  • The email that arrives 1 hour before the event will contain your login link for Zoom.

  • If all else fails, contact Janet or Carri and get squared away with a ticket. You can email themillvalehouse@gmail.com

Q - How Early can I arrive to the Virtual Event?

A - You may click on the link at anytime to place yourself in the Waiting Room. You will see a message that the event is waiting for the host to start. When we are ready to open the doors, you will be admitted in by one of the admins. You can use the Waiting Room time to adjust your surroundings, because when you are let into the room you will be prompted to test your audio and video.

Tip: As a General Rule, We ask that folks arrive no later than 5-10 minutes before the start of the event, especially if it is your first Zoom experience and you are requesting technical assistance for your initial set up and connection.

Q - I'm LATE! Can I still attend?

A - Yes, please! Should you arrive beyond the start time of the event, when you login you will be automatically be placed into the Waiting Room. An Admin will let you into the event, and will mute your microphone by default. You may unmute your microphone when you are ready to speak.

Q - Do I have to use my camera?

A - No, it is completely optional based on your preferences. Although we do encourage people to use them if they are comfortable sharing their space with us in group.

Q - Is this a Safe Space?

A - Absolutely. We chose Zoom because of their advanced security features for ensuring only the people invited to the group can attend. Also, during each event, Carri (the Webgirl) will be the co-pilot behind the scenes handling admin duties while the event is taking place. We also expect our guests to adhere to basic online etiquette.

Tip: While in a meeting, if you need to share something private with the admins, you can do so by using the chat feature and selecting to send a message privately.

Q - What are some Etiquette examples?

A - Some examples of basic online etiquette (or "netiquette") are...


  • NO UNAUTHORIZED RECORDING of audio or video.

  • Take turns speaking. Please remain on mute when someone else is speaking.

  • If there are distractions in your immediate personal space, please hide your camera.

  • If you are experiencing technical issues with sound or video, please contact an admin in the chat area. Do not make the announcement to the whole group.

  • Remember - this is a SAFE SPACE. We will not tolerate any type of mistreatment to other people in the meeting.

Q - I accidentally closed my Zoom window, how do I get back in?

A - Go back to the link and re-enter the meeting. An admin will let you back in.

Q - Will The Millvale House continue to have Virtual Events after the Lockdown is lifted?

A - YES! We will keep the Virtual aspect of the event available as we reopen our doors to in-person attendance. Stay tuned for details as each event will likely be handled differently.

If you are interested in renting our space, please call or email for more information. 

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