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Private Consultations with Viven Perumal

Private Consultations with Viven Perumal

RSVP Required. Please call Janet at 412-821-2265 to reserve your session time.

Cost: $35.00 per 30 minutes in increments to 90 minutes, if scheduled.

About Viven Perumal: As Spiritual Director for The Sanctuary of Truth and Wisdom, based in Durban S. Africa, Viven conducts many spiritual courses, workshops and lectures promulgating the White Chapel Teachings. Viven provides training seminars, meditation development, personal and long distance healings, past life regressions, and life coaching in group and private consultations. Sessions may be simply for prayer and a request for blessings. Viven asserts he is a channel for wisdom and healing derived from Spirit, for the Spirit, through the Spirit. Viven is a business partner in the Pittsburgh spiritual center, The Sacred Journey of Life, founded in 2018 with Michele Saling, with the intention of making his work available worldwide online.

In these private sessions, we work with your Spirit Guide to identify areas in your life to create a positive shift. All areas of your beingness are visited: Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

• Experience spiritual healing to clear physical ailments and pains such as cancerous tumors, ailments impacting organs of the body, blood disorders and dis-ease. • Identify and remove emotional blockages • Healing of relationships: with Self, family, friends, intimates • Grief counseling • Relief of anxiety and mental stress • Unlock your full potential • Distinguish source of impediments in your life’s material progress • Uncover the purpose of Life and, more specifically YOUR purpose in this Incarnation • Awaken to the process of death and understand it as a Gateway • Reaffirm your spiritual progress and raise your level of consciousness • Deepen connection with your Spiritual Guide(s) • Spiritual mentorship and guidance

If you are interested in renting our space, please call or email for more information. 

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