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Twelve Dreams That Will Change the Way You Look at Your Life

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Introductory Seminar with Nancy Brooks Twelve Dreams That Will Change the Way You Look at Your Life

Dreams are like “a picture that paints a thousand words”. Every stroke of the brush on a canvas is a piece of the artist’s story. Likewise, symbolism in a dream is a piece of our lives – past, present & future. In this seminar we look at two dreams whose theme is universal & individual in its message. Sign up & see where your life fits into these universal principles. The seminar is divided into three parts: • Presentation & discussion of two universal dreams • Q&A from audience • Working of audience dreams

DATE: Sunday, March 15th, 2020 TIME: 1:00 to 4:30 pm COST: $35 - due at time of reservation

Contact for reservation - Janet Zipf @ 412-821-2265. RSVP and Prepayment Required.

Seminar presenter is Nancy Brooks who has worked in the field of dreams for over 30 years in high schools, colleges, universities and in organizations such as Survivors of Suicide, Compassionate Friends and with populations such as the military, homeless & kids at risk.

If you are interested in renting our space, please call or email for more information. 

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