What is Happening at The Millvale House?

Working with Channeling: A Workshop with Santina

Thursday, September 26, 2019 at 7 PM – 9 PM

Working with Channeling $40.00, Phone in RSVP required. Please call Janet at 412-821-2265 to reserve your seat.

Channeling is bringing through words and energies from higher spiritual beings by becoming a conscious conduit or channel. Channeling is a form of mediumship directed to higher realms. In this class we will learn how to reach an elevated state that allows knowledge and energy to flow through us. By meditating with intent and connecting with our higher self we become receptive to these higher energies. We will practice embodying higher beings to bring through clear and powerful messages. This class is intended for both beginners and those with more experience

If you are interested in renting our space, please call or email for more information. 

22 Butler St

Pittsburgh, PA 15209



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