What is Happening at The Millvale House?

Working with Psychometry, a Workshop with Santina

Working with Psychometry – The stories objects can tell.

Thursday, October 24 at 7 p.m. $40.00

In Greek, Psychometry roughly translates to spirit or soul measure, but to most it is known as feeling or holding objects and using our extrasensory perception, also known as, our intuition to "pick-up" on the vibration/energy that it holds which can connect the reader to a person, or a place. Objects, just like people have energy fields and during this class we will learn to tune into them and tell their story.

For this workshop, please be sure to bring an item for others to tune into. It can be a photograph, a piece of jewelry, or some other kind of object. Please be sure to bring an item that you know a little bit about so we can confirm information we are receiving. This class is for beginners, as well as those who are more advanced.

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