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Welcome to
The Millvale House

Founded by Janet Zipf, Licensed Medical Massage Therapist & Reiki Master, and proprietor of Back To The Earth Healing Center, 

The Millvale House looks to offer an intimate, inexpensive setting for independent sessions or workshops focused on wellness and spirituality, as an extension of the Healing Center.  

Our Social Media is updated frequently with  announcements and new events to join. Please follow us on Facebook to stay informed on Sessions, Gatherings and Events


If you are interested in renting our space, please call or email for more information. 

Salt Lamp at The Millvale House
Sessions & Gatherings

Our Practitioners come to us from varied walks of life, and present a unique experience during sessions. We invite you to read more about the special people you can meet here.

Sessions are our definition of appointments. When you meet with a Practitioner, you are having a session. Most Sessions are Private, although some may be appropriate for couples or families. 

Gatherings are events or workshops open to groups of people, and some may require Phone-in RSVP. Our room for seats is limited, so we must enforce the RSVP to ensure we do not overfill the sacred space.​ 

Each Session or Gathering will offer it's own set of terms regarding RSVP and cost. 

Our primary focus at The Millvale House is to offer a variety of healing, wellness and spiritual sessions convenient to your lifestyle. To accommodate you best, please contact Janet to discuss your session. 

Sessions are available Monday thru Friday. Call Janet at 412-821-2265.

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