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Helen is a meditation instructor and end of life doula.  As a single mom suffering from trauma-induced chronic illness, Helen achieved a PhD and became an assistant professor. After six years of teaching, she left academia in order to devote herself to healing and to helping others to heal.  


Helen has certifications in meditation, end of life care, integrative thanatology, Reiki, and compassionate presence. She offers contemplative and somatic practices for self-love, grounding, healing, and integrating grief & loss. Helen works with caregivers, those who are ill, those who are recovering, those who are dying, and all those who love them.


Helen has been meditating for almost 40 years, focusing most recently on Buddhist approaches to meditation. In her work, she offers instruction in body-based practices to help individuals work directly with emotions and well-being within the body, embracing our human experience as a way to heal and grow.

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