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What is Happening at The Millvale House?

Luminescent Healing Sessions

Luminescent Healing is a specific method of intuitive, spiritually guided lightwork which incorporates raising the vibrations of intentional physical, mental and spiritual growth and healing.

Colleen Vanderzyden, a Registered Medium of Lily Dale Assembly describes Luminescent Healing as, "The essence of your being (is) connected to the universal energy of light and love. You have the ability to express this luminescent being that is within you. Through Luminescent Healing you can experience greater awareness and growth as you choose a higher path of wisdom and self-enlightenment. It expands the energy of light and love within you, empowering you to raise your energy to a higher vibration. " (C. Vanderzyden, 2019)

Both Practitioners Janet Zipf and her daughter Nikkia Zipf are trained in 'Fundamentals of Healing Techniques to Amplify Healing Energy Vibrational Healing with Color and Sound', a course administered by Ms. Vanderzyden.


$50.00 for 45 minutes.

*Healing sessions will be performed by one or two practitioners.

To prepare for your appointment follow these guidelines...

- Arrive wearing comfortable clothing. You will be asked to lie on a table and relax throughout your session.

- Take note of how you feel before the session, physically and emotionally.

- Bring your purpose to the session. Your intention is your desire or need to make a change for your well-being. Once you acknowledge your intention, allow the healing process to take place.

Please call Janet at 412-821-2265 to schedule your session.


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