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What is Happening at The Millvale House?

Intuitive Tarot Sessions with Rebecca

Sessions available Monday - Friday. Call Janet to schedule your appointment.

Rebecca Bloom is a professional Tarot Card Reader and Teacher, Spiritual Counselor, Reiki Practitioner and Meditation and Workshop Facilitator. She’s been reading professionally for over 17 years and has been working with Metaphysics for over 23 years. Rebecca has assisted many people around the globe and has a strong international clientele. She offers Readings that each includes Tarot, Mediumship and Connection with Spirit.

Her background includes these studies: Mediumship, Qabalah, Shamanism, Animal Spirits, Pathwork of Self Transformation, The I Ching, Meditation, Reiki, Jungian Philosophy, Dream Interpretation, Essential Oils, Numerology, Crystals & Stones, Seth Books, Channeling, Medicinal Herbs, Psychic Development and much more.

Rates: 30 Mins $50 60 Mins $90 90 Mins $125

Please call Janet at 412-821-2265 to choose your time. Light & Love


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